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The root of deliciousness, carefully selected strawberries grown with time, effort, and love 🍓

 Our summer strawberries are a condensation of our commitment to deliciousness and heartfelt love. Here, we will tell you about the care we take to grow strawberries and make them taste the best.

1. Cultivation that takes time and effort:

 We spare no effort and pour sincere love into each strawberry. We never cut corners when it comes to field work, and carefully cultivate our plants as if we were in dialogue with them. This is the secret to growing more delicious strawberries.

2. Ideas for visualizing love:

 Strawberries are something that can be visualized and grown. Through daily observation and care, we check the health of the plants and take care of them if necessary. This allows us to grow each strawberry in the optimal environment while pouring love into it.

3. Thorough temperature control:

Temperature control is essential to making delicious strawberries. Keep an ideal temperature environment by paying attention to the heat of the day and the cold of the night. This is the secret to making strawberries sweet and juicy.

4. The finest strawberries produced by passion and love:

 Our passion for strawberries is the driving force behind our cultivation. We not only want to make delicious strawberries, but we go to the fields every day with a passion for making people happy. That is our "passion for deliciousness" packed into our strawberries.

5. Wish that you eat deliciously:

Finally, our wish. We want you to enjoy the deliciousness of our strawberries, which are the result of the love and labor we put into them. Our heartfelt wish is for you to enjoy every last strawberry.

 This is our commitment to strawberries. We put a lot of effort and love into our creations, and we have a passion for deliciousness. Please enjoy the finest strawberries grown in our strawberry fields. 🍓🌱💖

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