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Summer Strawberry Shindai BS8-9 A surprising balance between sweet and sour!

Hello strawberry lovers!

Do you want to discover the new charm of summer strawberries?

The delicate balance of surprising sweetness and sourness creates a delicious flavor that will blow away the summer heat.

Strawberries are best enjoyed in sunny summer. However, summer strawberries are difficult to grow and are not available commercially. Japan relies on imports of summer strawberries from countries such as the United States. Eating Japanese-grown strawberries during the summer is a valuable experience.

We grow plants called "Shingai BS8-9" which was developed at Shinshu University This is the amazing variety that Professor Oi, the developer, discovered from 6,000 different combinations.

Summer strawberries. (June to December) Inferior to winter strawberries. (December to April) In terms of the amount and size of sugar, the chef said it was not as delicious. There is a picture.

This Shindai BS8-9 defies this image and is popular among discerning chefs as a delicious strawberry even in summer.

The sweetness is mellow and the sugar content is about 12-16 degrees. The sweetness is comparable to winter strawberries. Once you try it, you will definitely be hooked! Then add a little sourness. Provides freshness in the mouth.

The bright red color makes you feel like the summer sunshine. And when you take a bite The luscious juices will overflow and fill your mouth with pleasure. Summer strawberries are the perfect drink for hot weather. Why not enjoy some cool strawberries? How about sweet and sour?

Change the bland and sour image and discover the deliciousness of summer strawberries. Why not enjoy the charm of summer strawberries at the same time? With the summer sun? Once you try them, you will definitely fall in love with summer strawberries! 🍓🌞✨

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