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Benefits of farming for the elderly

🌿 Activate your brain and get a healthy body through agriculture!  🌻

 Hello, this is a message for all elderly people! Would you like to start a new challenge while interacting with nature? Farming is a natural activity, yet it is an amazing brain and body booster. Below are some of the great benefits that farming brings.

1. Brain activation:

 Agriculture involves planned activities and problem solving. Learning how to grow new crops and manage fields will stimulate your brain and improve cognitive function. Feeling the changes in the seasons and the growth of plants provides new information to the brain and brings intellectual excitement.

2. New challenges and sense of accomplishment:

 Agriculture needs to respond to unpredictable situations and seasonal changes. This is a great opportunity to take on new challenges and experience a sense of accomplishment by meeting them. There is also a sense of self-satisfaction when the plants bear fruit and the moment of harvest is reached.

3. Improved movement and flexibility:

 Working in the fields and caring for plants are activities that require physical strength. Active farming not only helps maintain muscle strength and flexibility, but also helps maintain a healthy body. This allows you to perform daily activities more easily.

4. Social interaction and community:

Agriculture is also a place for interaction with local communities. You can find new friends and shared fun by attending local farmers markets and agricultural events. By working together, we can feel a sense of belonging and improve our quality of life.

5. Healing time with nature:

 Farming in nature has a positive effect on the mind. Breathing in the fresh air and feeling the change of seasons can reduce stress and have a relaxing effect.

 Try new adventures through farming and revitalize your brain and body while harmonizing with nature. A healthy and fulfilling day awaits you! 🌱🌞

 Kotobuki Farm Depot belongs to a group that operates in the nursing care business. We will strive to improve rehabilitation effects and social participation through agriculture that allows the body to move naturally.

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